Occupying the area between Isla Coiba and the border with Costa Rica, the Chiriqui Gulf has always been the unknown and suprising side of the Chiriqui Province.

Its marine beauty was reserved for the few who where able to reach its shores.

Now, with the improvements of roads, the islands of this tropical archipelago are easily accessed by an increasing amount of privileged tourists.

Today, the small town of mainland Boca Chica and its spring are just twenty minutes away via the interamerican -highway.

It’s the embarkation point for walks and visits to nearby islands.

The Boca Chica area has increasing amount of accommodations, usually small hotels with good service, which cater to a range of budgets.

 In general, these hotels have their own docks from which one can board and explore the islands. The Marine National Park and the large Boca Brava island can be reached in 10 minutes using the frequent boats that are devotedly handled by local townspeople.

Travel to the farthest Islands, with white beaches and great snorkeling takes no less than 30 minutes.

Boca Chica is also the embarkation point to the Secas Islands, and excellent seascapes. It is another Chiriqui Gulf Jewel. Throughout the Gulf there are many possibilities to explore tropical beaches and enjoy a generally drier and more reliable climate than on the Caribbean coast.

 The Chiriqui Gulf is also one of the most famous sport fishing areas of our country. Areas such as the legendary Hannibal Bank, Coiba Island (40 minutes boating), and Montuosa Island attract internationals fans who return year after year.