Enrique Malek International Airport, in the province of Chiriqui, has completed the remodeling of its terminal and runaway extension with an investment of $27.4million from the Panamanian Government.

This air terminal will be managed by the Tocumen International Airport Administration who are faced with the challenge or turning David Airport into a major development hub and strengthening freight transportation and tourism in the Province of Chiriqui, while also meeting the same standards of quality and safety held by international air navigation.

Using its vast experience and exemplary administration, Tocumen International Airport will collaborate to provide travelers with transport to and from Chiriqui, and also develop complex logistics, employment, and active tourism province.

Copa Ailines started january 15th 2015, 14 weekly flights from Tocumen airport to David in the shortest time, connecting David to 69 international major cities.The adjustments made by the national government have granted the airport international status. These adjustments include the extension of the runaway, allowing the arrival oftype 757 aircrafts with a capacity of 200 passengers, in addition to applying FITS (Fully Integrated Tactical Systems) technology.

The expectations for the Enrique Malek International Airport are that it becomes a hub that consolidates the west of the country and also central america. It hopes to develop its potential as a terminal for cargo and private flights. For the time being, air traffic motivates a large economic impact, create jobs and will have a multiplier effect on tourism in the Chiriqui Province.David is one of of Panama’s most important cities and the starting point for visiting Chiriqui’s Beautiful attractions. Enrique Malek Airport’s new structure has an exclusive area to meet the arrival of passengers coming from international flights and a separate area for domestic flights. It also has spaces for restaurants, shops, conference rooms, medical and security stations.

Similary the terminal has new equipment including scanners, X-Ray systems and lighting systems for evening flights.